Endocrine Society of India
ESI Election 2021 - eVoting

Dear Member

ESI Elections are from 16th August 2021 10 AM to 15th September 2021 11 PM.
For official notification please visit: https://www.endocrinesocietyindia.org/esi-elections.php

Instructions for e-Voting
Please click on this link https://esi.evote.co.in and cast your vote for the multiple positions, between 16th August 2021 and 15th September 2021.
When you click on the link very First page will explain the steps to be followed for the process, however the important points are listed below for reference.

  1. Please click on the link sent to your email or as SMS to your mobile- registered with ESI.
  2. Please enter EITHER mobile number OR Email ID (FOR EMAIL ID- you are requested to check your SPAM/JUNK folder as well)
  3. You will receive OTP- this will be sent to your registered Email ID & Mobile number with ESI.
  4. Please enter the correct OTP in the space provided.
  5. Then please enter the CAPTCHA in the space provided.
  6. Press submit.
  7. ONLY then the Ballot paper will open for casting your vote.
  8. As there are multiple positions- please cast your vote for all the positions (or skip – BUT YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR AT LEAST ONE POSITION)
  9. Once completed your voting- please press SUBMIT YOUR VOTE button at the end of the page.
  10. You will get a THANK YOU messege.

The online voting can be done from any location within India. If anyone is out of India email option can be exercised. The voting can be done at any time convenient to you.

In case of difficulty please call toll free number 1800 2121 811 between 10 AM to 6 PM- Monday to Friday or you can drop an email-support@evote.co.in and eVote Support team will help you resolve the difficulty.

Once the member leaves a message in Toll Free number or email – they will be called back by the eVote support team member.

In case any difficulty you can drop a mail at mailesisecretariat@gmail.com
ESI Secretariat.