Dear members of the ESI

The election process has been conducted as per the mandate of the GB and the constitution and a process agreed upon by former presidents. A vulnerability in the software has allowed a minority of members to vote twice. While it is possible to remove duplicates and proceed the situation following this incident has created a circumstance that will compromise the integrity of the electoral process.

In a sense of fairness to all concerned I am with the concurrence of the executive committee countermanding the elections

I am constituting an election commission that will restart the election process and call for fresh nominations. We will have to go through a shorter electoral process and use paper ballots in order to complete the elections before the general body meeting in November.

I regret the inconvenience caused to all of you but this solution has been arrived at after much reflection discussion and importantly with the long term welfare of the society in mind. Please await the election notification. I urge you to contribute to our society by participating in the electoral process.

Manoj Chadha