Trainee Grants 2018

Applications are invited for the Trainee Research Awards of the Endocrine Society of India for the year 2018. There are five awards for INR 200000 created inorder to support outstanding thesis/ research work by first year DM/DNB students from India

Elgibility Criteria
All  Postgraduates in First year DM /DNB Endocrinology from any of the institutions in the country are elgibile to apply

How to apply?
Send in your projects before April 15 2018 by email to the Secretary, Endocrine Society of India by email to

Do not forget to include:

  1. A supporting letter from your guide/ head of department stating that this is a bonafide project for your thesis and also mentioning the dates of you joining the program and expected date of graduation. The guide must also state that he/she will stand guarantee for the work done
  2. Details for electronic transfer for funds. Funds will not be transferred to the trainee but only to the department or institution
  3. An undertaking by the guide that there are sufficient source of support in excess of the amount sanctioned by the society if the total budget exceeds two lakhs
  4. A detailed budget
  5. Thesis proposal approved by the department / appropriate institutional authority
  6. Approval by the ethics committee

Selection  Process
Projects that are considered eligible for funding will be reviewed by the research committee of the ESI. The grants will be announced before June 15 2018

Disbursement of Grant
A minimum of 50% of the grant amount will be disbursed initially. Further disbursement will be done annually based on submission on progress reports on the work done and utilisation of sanctioned amount. These reports may be filed with the secretary of the endocrine society annually.

All grant awardees are expected to present their work at ESICON at times allotted for this. Failure to file progress reports annually and when requested by the society and failure to present progress at ESICON may result in the forfeiture of the grant.

All awardees are expected to follow the tenets of responsible and ethical conduct of research. Unethical or fraudulent use of ESI research funds will warrant adverse action from the society including forfeiture of grant, black listing in the society’s databases and other legal recourses that are available to the society

The society expects that the grant source be acknowledged in all publications and submissions made with regards to the research done with the grant.

All awardees are encouraged to submit their work to the society’s journal : Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism (

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