Message from President Dr SV Madhu

Dear colleagues

Greetings to all from Endocrine Society of India and warm personal wishes from me.

Endocrine Society of India has come a long way since its inception and has grown to become a strong professional organization that represents all endocrinologists of our country. This has been possible only because of the vision and dedication of several luminaries in the field who provided leadership and direction to the society. The journey to achieve the mission and vision of the society is well and truly on and as we pause to reflect on the expanding horizons we realize that the challenges are many and there is still a long way to go. I would consider three priority areas which I believe are relevant today.
Endocrine society should play a pivotal role in the way Endocrine care is delivered in the country. The rise in endocrine disorders over the years has been tremendous even as we see rapid advances in the field of endocrinology. The society should be sensitive to this changing scenario and strive to influence endocrine practice in the country in a manner that balances the recent advances in the field with the growing needs. This is a huge responsibility and requires commitment of time, resource and effort.First, we should endeavor to be a strong and cohesive society to make our voice heard. We should develop a strong focus on advocacy and take up clear positions on issues related to endocrine care. There is also an urgent need for partnerships and collaborations particularly with other national and international organizations, the government, and other stakeholders. The society also needs to develop and reinforce clinical practice guidelines that can guide primary physicians as well as endocrinologists. Brainstorming among the members of endocrine society can see the emergence of innovative strategies for endocrine care that are most suited to the prevailing scenario. Endocrine society could thus play a leading role in transforming endocrine care in the country through these and other initiatives.
Initiatives to promote endocrine research are already in place, and the society needs to reinforce and expand these substantially to enhance the quality and standard of research. We could set the direction of endocrine research in the country by identifying researchable issues relevant to India and embark on multicentre research initiatives conducted on behalf of the society by harnessing the expertise of its members.
Endocrine Society of India should continue to play a leadership role in the empowerment of medical professionals in the country through its various initiatives. It should also consider ways of how it could play a role in fine-tuning of formal medical education in endocrinology in the country.
The last few months have given me and the entire executive committee an opportunity to work on some of the these areas . Several activities have happened – Midterm ESICON was held after a gap of few years at UCMS in Delhi and was a huge success; AV Gandhi and TYSA 2018 were held in March 2019; A satellite symposium was held at Imphal and more are being planned. Outreach at the National and International level is on and advocacy initiatives are being planned.

Let us work together to make ESI reach greater heights.