Dr. Sanjay Kalra


Dear colleagues
An organization is as dynamic, and as dopaminergic, as its members. At the same time, professionals gain anabolic strength from the guild they belong to. The Endocrine Society of India (ESI), which celebrates 50 youthful years on 10 January 2021, continues to mature along with its members, the endocrinologists of India.
ESI represents the aspiration and ambition of Indian’s endocrine fraternity, and exists for rights as well as responsibilities. To achieve its vision, communication is essential. Our newly revamped website, www.endocrinesocietyindia.org, offers a channel for such communication. The ESI website holds a two-way mirror to the world. It allows us to ideate and implement our academic activities, while obtaining constructive feedback from members and the public.
Members can contact the secretariat through the site, and remain abreast of latest events. Health care professionals can access our rich library of e-lectures, and explore links to externally hosted academic content. This creates a cohesive, yet comprehensive, coverage of the multifaceted canvas of Indian endocrinology and metabolism.
ESI’s mandate covers not only clinical care, education and research, but also advocacy and awareness of our chosen field. The website works to enhance endocrine awareness, and promote the concept of wellness endocrinology as well.
Positive feedback loops are the exception, rather than the norm, in endocrine physiology. Oxytocin and prolactin which respond to positive feedback, in parturition and lactation respectively, are considered hormones of happiness and harmony. The ESI website, I am confident, will grow as a positive feedback loop, as a gateway to happiness, to harmony, and to health.
Jai ESI. Jai Hind.