Grant Announcement

Call for Research Proposals

Research proposals are invited from Indian scientists, who are members of the Endocrine Society of India, interested in conducting research in the field of Endocrinology & Metabolism, for funding by Endocrine Society of India for the year 2017-18

The proposals may of clinical or translational research importance. A maximum grant amount of INR 4 Lakhs will be sanctioned. All grants will be reviewed by the research committee and the executive committee. Most grant decisions are determined within 8 weeks of receipt of application.

The detailed proposals should include the following:

Title, names of principal and co investigators, summary, introduction/ background, review of literature, aims, methodology, study design and detailed plan of work & bibliography.

Brief biodata of principal investigator and other co-investigators.

Importance of work

Detailed Budget sought along with full justification/ proposed utilization, of funding sought from ESI.

Whether the project is being partly funded from any other source? If yes, please mention the source and the amount received.

Ethics Committee clearance of the Institution or other bonafide body.

All applications should be addressed to:

The Secretary , Endocrine Society of India

Soft copy of the research porposal should be sent to  Secretary, ESI – Dr. Krishna G Seshadri

Proposals will be accepted all round the year.