Endocrine Society of India
Editor in Chief(ESI Journal)

Dear Member,
Applications are invited (in the prescribed format, enclosed herein) for the post of Editor-in-chief of proposed Journal of Endocrinology, to be published under the aegis of the Endocrine Society of India.

Guidelines for submission and selection are as follows:

  1. Selection: The candidate should be a life member of the society for at least 10 years and served in the Editorial board of either IJEM or other biomedical journal prior. All applications need to be emailed to Dr. Sujoy Ghosh, secretary, ESI at the following email address: mailesisecretariat@gmail.com The last date for application is 31st July 2021, 4 p.m. The applications received in the stipulated time shall be compiled, checked for the genuineness and put up to the President for the approval. After getting the approval, he / she will forward the same to the selection committee.

  2. Selection committee: The selection committee consists of President, President-Elect and Secretary. The selection is based on the broad guidelines including the contribution towards the growth of the journal, research activities, seniority and previous experience in handling any other medical / endocrinology journal. The selection files have to be kept confidential in the safe custody of the Secretary, ESI.

  3. Tenure: The EIC is appointed for a period of three years.

  4. Honorarium: EIC is a prestigious position in the ESI and is a voluntary service to the society. Hence, there is no honorarium paid to the EIC for the services rendered to the journal.

  5. Misconduct: Any complaint received against the EIC, shall be investigated by the EC in consultation with the members of the selection committee. If the allegations against the EIC have been found correct, he / she shall be removed from the post immediately by the EC and the same has to be informed to all the ESI members during the subsequent GBM. In such scenario, an interim EIC shall be appointed by the EC till the subsequent GBM, and a process for selecting the permanent EIC shall be started simultaneously.

For the use of members of the endocrine society of India only
Please mail completed form to and/or email to:
Dr. Sujoy Ghosh
Honorary Secretary
Endocrine Society of India
P-7, Beleghata Main Road (Top Floor)
Kolkata -700085