Endocrine Society of India
Election of office bearers (2021)

Nominations are invited by the Endocrine Society of India from its members for the following posts.

Sl. No Post Term Number of Positions
1.President Elect2021-221
2.Vice President2021-221
3.Member of Executive Committee2021-242

The eligibility for each post is provided in the constitution/rules and regulations of the ESI. The appropriate excerpts are attached for your reference. Please note the stipulation that a member cannot contest more than one post of office bearer simultaneously. Separate nomination forms must be used for each post. Active canvassing is discouraged.

  1. The nomination form must be complete in all respects for it to be considered.
  2. Each nomination must be proposed and seconded by a member of the endocrine society.
  3. Each nomination must be accompanied by a short biography of the candidate which shall not exceed 100 words.
  4. Please note the timelines decided for the election process.
    • Last date to receive nomination form: 31/07/2021
    • Last date for withdrawal of nomination: 10/08/2021
    • Opening of polling if necessary: 16/08/2021
    • Completion of polling: 15/09/2021

For the use of members of the endocrine society of India only
Please mail completed from to and/or email to:
Dr. Sujoy Ghosh
Honorary Secretary
Endocrine Society of India
P-7, Beleghata Main Road (Top Floor)
Kolkata -700085