Applications for orations and awards 2017

Circular 6/2017
Applications for orations and awards

Dr S K singh

Krishna G Seshadri


Nominations are invited from members for the following:

1. Dr. M M S Ahuja Memorial Hoechst India Oration
2. Dr. P N Shah Memorial USV India (Ltd.) Oration
3. Dr. Subhash Mukherjee Memorial Infar India Oration

1. Anil Sheth Award – Two awards

5 Travel Grants for post graduates presenting papers

Excerpts from the constitution of the society relating to the awards are attached.

Please note :

Nomination for these orations must include full details of the member his/her brief bio-data, list of the publication, reprints of three of his/her peer reviewed publications, and brief summary of the proposed topic for the oration (in quadruplicate). Nominations incomplete in any respect shall not be considered.
There should be a separate nomination for each oration
Please send a hard copy of the nomination to:
The Secretary
Endocrine Society of India
175 Brahmaputra Street
Palaniappa Nagar
Chennai 600087
4. A soft copy of the nomination may be mailed to
5. The last date for receipt of nominations is June 30th 2017

Krishna G Seshadri

11.1 The Society has instituted following orations. These carry cash money of Rs. 2,500/- (Rupees two thousand five hundred only), a medallion and a citation

. a)  Dr. MMS Ahuja Memorial Hoechst India oration 

. b)  Dr PN Shah Memorial USV India (Ltd.) oration 

. c)  Dr. Subhash Mukherjee Memorial Infar India oration 

.11..2 The Secretary shall invite nominations from amongst the members for these orations. The circular shall be sent under certificate of posting by 30th June of each year. Nominations received after the dead line as intimated in the circular shall not be considered.
. 11.3  The nomination for these orations must include full details of the member his/hr brief bio-data, list of the publication, reprints of three of his/her peer reviewed publications, and brief summary of the proposed topic for the oration (in quadruplicate). Nominations incomplete in any respect shall not be considered. 

. 11.4  Conditions for orations 

. 11.4.1  Only life member and honorary member of the society are eligible for being proposed to deliver any of the above orations. 

. 11.4.2  The member being proposed must have been a member of the Society of at least 5 year standing and be above the age of 40 years. 

. 11.4.3  The period of experience in the Specialty should be of at least 5 years including the training period. 

. 11.4.4  The work proposed to be presented should have preferably been done in India. 

. 11.4.5  The work shall be presented by the member personally at the Conference. 

11.4.6 The work should not have been presented earlier in any other conference for the award.
11.4.7 There should be separate nomination for each of these orations.
11.4.8 The suggestions from the proposing member must clearly specify the reasons for
recommending the candidature of a particular member for delivering these orations. 11.4.9 No nomination for the oration would be considered within 5 years of the award of any
of these orations.
11.4.10 None of the members of the Scientific committee shall be eligible for consideration
and would not be a propose for any candidate for the orations.
11.4.11 The nominations received in the Secretarial would be decided on merit by the
Scientific Committee of the Society consisting of the President, Vice-President. Two Immediate past Presidents and the Secretary. Canvassing in any form would disqualify the nomination.
11.4.12 The member selected to deliver any of these orations shall be intimated well in time by the Secretary and the Organizing Secretary giving full details about the schedule of the oration.
11.4.13 If the member so selected to deliver, any of the orations is unable to deliver the oration he/she would inform the Secretary giving full reasons for the same. The Executive Body considering the circumstances may decide to carry over the orations to the next Annual Conference. If the member absents him/herself without giving proper intimation or for any non-cogent reason. The Executive Body may decide to debar such a member for being considered for any of the orations or award in future depending upon the merit of the case.
11.5 Award: Dr Anil R Sheth Award (Two awards)
With the generous contributions received from friends, well-wishers, his crst while student and colleagues as well as the family of late Dr Anil R Sheth, who was one of the Senior Members of the Society and the past Secretary and Vice-President, two Annual Awards have been instituted since the year 1995. These awards are primarily to encourage participation of younger members of the Endocrine Society of India. One of the awards is given in the field of Clinical Endocrinology and the other in the field of Basic and Comparative Endocrinology. The award caries a cash prize of Rs.
1000/- (Rs. One thousand only), a medallion and or Certificate. 11.5.1 The eligibility for the award shall be as follows.
a) The presenting author must be a member of the Endocrine Society of Indiab)
Only members below the age of 40 years with one year standing as a
member of the ESI are eligible for the award.
c) Full paper in triplicate is to be submitted to the Secretary of the Society. One
author can submit only one paper for the award.
. d)  The paper must be accompanied by an undertaking by the author/authors 
that the work proposed to be presented has not been presented for award published earlier or is not under consideration for any award and a certificate from the Head of the Institution/Department to the effect that the major part of the work has been done in India by the author himself/herself. 

. e)  The decision for award in each of the categories shall be done by a panel of judges appointed for the purpose at the Annual Scientific Conference where the work is to be presented. 

11.6.1 During the silver jubilee conference of the Society held at Ahmedabad, with the efforts and on the request of the Organizing Committee in particular Dr J M Bhatvadekar and Dr J J Sheth, through the kind courtesies of Mr. Sushrut Parikh, Manager Asia and Pacific Regions, a sum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. Fifty thousands only) have been made available to the Society by M/s Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc., Webster, Texas, USA for instituting two awards for the best oral presentation in the Free Paper Session and two awards for the best Poster presentations during the Annual Conference of the Endocrine Society of India. One each of these Prizes being for Clinical Endocrinology and the other for Basic and Comparative Endocrinology. These prizes carry cash money of Rs. 750/- (Rs. Seven hundred fifty only) and a certificate.
11.6.2 Eligibility Criteria
The presenting author/any of the author must be a member of the Endocrine Society
of India, and there should be no dues against the member. 11.6.3 Procedure to be adopted for selection of papers for DSL prizes
. a)  The Organizing Secretary of the Annual Conference shall send all the free papers as received by him/her to Referees one for Clinical Endocrinology and
the other for the Basic and Comparative Endocrinology category. The referees would be requested to grade the paper on 1-10 scale regarding its quality. 

. b)  Three best papers on Clinical Endocrinology and three best papers on Basic and Comparative Endocrinology would be selected in each category for the presentation. 

. c)  These six selected papers would be presented in a Separate FREE PAPER SESSION named DSL Prize Secession to be held during the Annual Conference. 

. d)  These papers would be evaluated by a Panel of Judges and the best paper in each of the category shall be selected on the recommendation of the Panel of Judges for the award. 

. e)  For the Poster category also a panel of Judges would be appointed to recommend the best poster in each category, Clinical and Basic Endocrinology for the award. 

11.7 TRAVEL GRANTS (5 grants/year)
11.7.1 Single ordinary 2nd classes to and from railway fare are available to postgraduates for participating in the Annual ESI Conference. The eligibility criteria for these shall be
. a)  The paper must be accepted for oral presentation 

. b)  The postgraduate one of the authors of the paper should be a member of ESI 

. c)  A Certificate is to be provided from the Head of the Institution that no financial 

support is being given to the authors/postgraduate from his/her institution for attending the Conference.

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